Surviving 44

Today’s the 22nd of March. 4 days after I turned 44. Friends asked me how I feel about turning 44. Well, frankly I feel wonderful. People who know me and know what I have been through will know what I mean.

My Facebook friends are really wonderful people. All the kind wishes, the great comments. Even some are found here! Really – at times like these, I am very honoured to have you all as friends!

The trying times that I’ve been through has taught me about the value of friendship. Nothing can be taken for granted. There are those who claim to be your friend seem to finally desert you when they see you are in trouble.

The true friends are those who stick with you through thick or thin.

My new and good friends, Liza from London, Jeanna from Sarawak, and Adrena from Sabah – God bless you and thank you for being there in the virtual world with all those comforting words.

And my sons – being with them is a joy! Seeing them run around Sepang Goldcoast – yes, I was there on 19 March – reminded me of myself at that young, tender age. The innocence, the “free-from-worry” look on their faces.

Hey guys, I think my blog is going places. Thanks for all the support once again. I will blog again when I am free.


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