Foot Scrub

One guy who visited me recently went for a foot scrub. I was actually quite dubious of such treatments. Anyway – he had a fun time in one of the stalls in Giant Kelana Jaya. You see – the sole of his feet were covered with ‘scales’. This is either due to extremely dry weather conditions or exposing your feet to chemicals cleansers like floor detergents or liquids.

The therapist will first scrub the soles of your feet with a specially prepared foot scrub. This process is about 30mins and is kinda ticklish. It’s amazing because after the scrub – you will feel as if you’ve got NEW soles! Really – they’re shiny, silky and smooth!

After the scrub, some foot moisturizer will be applied. The therapist was so good to sctub my arm. Goodness – the dirt and dead skin came off in a jiffy.

I’m adding the photos of this fella with new soles MINUS his face. He’ll holler bloody murder if his face is featured!

The scrub is about to begin
The scrub is about to begin
Scrubbing in progress...Eeeee....ticklish!
Scrubbing in progress...Eeeee....ticklish!

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