Sepang Goldcoast – A day out with my sons

Many have not heard of Sepang Goldcoast. Many are not even aware that there is a SEA out there. Yes, Sepang Goldcoast fronts the Straits of Malacca, the once famous trade link between old Malacca and the rest of the world. The great Admiral Cheng Ho sailed past here once in 1423. So did the Portuguese in 1511. Then the Dutch circa 1641. And finally the British in the 1800s. It was also the most travelled trade channel for the “Spice Trade” for the East India Company (EAC) in the 1700s.

That’s right! It’s such a fantastic place to be albeit the development taking place there now is trying its best to blend in with the environment.

During low tide, you can wander right out into the dry seabed and here you’ll see crabs of all colours, shapes and sizes. There will also be “lala” (shellfish) hunters, foraging beneath the sand looking for shellfish.

I took my sons Ian and Glen to Sepang Goldcoast on 10 January 2009, courtesy of the Sepang Goldcoast management. Indeed, we had a great time there.

That's Ian (in blue) at extreme left and Glen (hugging like a Koala bear)
That's Ian (in blue) at extreme left and Glen (hugging like a Koala bear)

Thanks to the management of Sepang Goldcoast, my children even had the opportunity to ride the Hydroball. Ride huh? I think I prefer the word roll around inside the hydroball. So what exactly is the hydroball? Basically, it’s about 6′ tall, made of strong PVC and you will have to get inside it. Then, the event person will fill the hydroball with oxygen so you can breathe easily while scampering around like a hamster. Oh yeah, to get the hydroball skidding on the water, you need to propel yourself forward by scampering like a crazy hamster! Believe me, it’s outta this world. However, caution needs to be exercised while you exercise inside the hydroball as the oxygen level inside the hydroball can probably last not more than 8 minutes. Depends on how heavy you breathe actually!

Glen waiting impatiently as oxygen is pumped into the hydroball
Glen waiting impatiently as oxygen is pumped into the hydroball
ian horsing or should I say, "hamstering" around inside the hydroball
Ian horsing or should I say, "hamstering" around inside the hydroball

Great fun it was! There’s also a ‘Flying Fox’ activity where you can propel yourself from one tree to another across the lake. Pity we didn’t experience it as it was under repair at that time.

Chen Kong, the executive present at Sepang Goldcoast took time off to entertain us. We took a tour of the soon-to-be completed Sea Villas, extending right out into the open sea. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to spend a night there and write about my experience. But I’ll wager that it’ll be romantic and a great place for inner healing. Think of the waves enveloping the structures where you now stand. Experience the magnificent vista of the setting sun. Oh yes, the sunset here is a must-see!

One of the fabulous sea villas
One of the fabulous sea villas
All dressed up for the tour of Sepang Goldcoast's development
All dressed up for the tour of Sepang Goldcoast's development

We had dinner afterwards and my, it was the “steam-boat” dinner. Imagine placing fresh seafood, mussels, squids and fresh vegetables into a steaming hot pot of flavoured soup. Truly a feast fit for kings! Nothing but the best for my children!

There is also the Sunset Beach Restaurant where you can sit and enjoy fine dining fare while marvelling at the sunset. I did just that while attending a marketing brief  here recently. Wow…letting the calming seabreeze caress my face while sipping select red wine is “c’est magnifique!”

Of course, no trip to the beach will ever be fulfilled without dipping in the sea. For the children, letting the incoming high tide and waves gently crashing into you is their idea of fun. Yes, it is absolutely safe to dip in the water as an enbankment had been erected to ensure the safety for all.

After spending about 5 hours there, the children slept soundly in my car as I cruised slowly along the 1 hour journey back to PJ.

Before I forget – to go to Sepang Goldcoast, drive as though you are heading towards the LCCT. Before the LCCT, there’s a left turn. You’ll see the “Bandar Enstek” sign huge and bold carved onto the hills ahead of you. At the traffic lights, turn to your right and this will take you directly into Sepang town.

Great fun splashing all around!
Great fun splashing all around!

Don’t forget to stop and sample some of the local fare there. Also, you should stop by some of the stalls along the way selling Dragon fruits. Man – are they huge! Then there are Dragon fruit enzymes for sale as well!

I’ll be heading there again probably this March school holidays and probably spend a night there. It’s a nature adventure for the children as this time, I want to show them the mangrove forest and its importance in our precious ecological system!


9 thoughts on “Sepang Goldcoast – A day out with my sons

  1. I wanna go … to the Sea Villas next time!! Should have gone there last week to listen to the waves and be in a state of sublimeness meditating and be near to mother nature!

  2. selamat bercuti di tempat yang begitu cantik. sepang gold coast akan jadi landmark negeri selangor. setelah dipromot oleh anda pasti dikenali seluruh dunia.
    all the best brother.

    1. Actually – adults can also roll in it. I was invited to do so but malu la – if I can do it, my sons will end up laughing at me instead!

  3. We get so wrapped up in work that we often lose sight of the beautiful and natural things around us.

    I wish to go there soon…….just staring out into the ocean,watching the sun slide beyong the horizon……burying my toes in sand…….swimming like a seabass……

    1. You can’t swim like a sea bass out there in the Straits of Malacca. Lots of Portuguese men-of-war there…a.k.a jellyfish. But yes – this is the place to visit! Pity not many Malaysians know this place exist.

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